Ecological design and creative action for living cities.

The Light Table Design Collective is a group of graduates from the University of Washington College of Built Environments, Master of Landscape Architecture program, class of 2009. We have been working together to collaborate on projects and wrestle with big ideas since our first brainstorming sessions at the UW design studio light tables in 2006. The Collective formed in 2009 to create a forum for developing and discussing ecological design, to engage the community through volunteering and outreach, and as a means of putting innovative ideas into action. The experience of our members is varied, drawing on previous work in ecology, education, art, social sciences and community organizing.

The Light Table Design Collective is dedicated to working collaboratively within our own organization as well as with the partnerships we forge in the community. We are inspired by public spaces that provide multiple community benefits, stack ecological function with education and promote public health and well-being. The Light Table Design Collective holds a hopeful vision for living, livable cities.